#FiveFavs – April

1. Vacuum Bags

I recently moved house and location (Dublin to Cork) & if you know me – you’ll know that I have moved house several times over the past few years. My move from Dublin to Cork had to be a quick straight move & none of this hauling stuff home 3 or 4 trips later. I needed to come up with a solution, aside from renting a van. So, I decided to work with what I had & pack up my belongings, as efficiently as possible. This is where Vacuum Storage bags came into play.

I had never used vacuum bags previously and honestly, I didn’t think they were of much benefit. My opinion on these very much changed when I decided to give them a go. In case you hadn’t already noticed (if you follow me on social media), I have endless amounts of clothes and yes, I could open up my own shop. Shop my pre-loved clothes on the app: DressUp – @mias_ways

All you need along with your vacuum bag, is a hoover, to suck out all the unnecessary air surrounded by your items. Sharp items obviously wouldn’t be advised as the vacuum bag itself is just plastic, well the ones I am raving about anyway.

After packing up and moving house quite swiftly, I now benefit from using these for storage. They keep your items clean, free from dust and so on.

So to wrap up, if you have never used or heard of vacuum bags – give them a go if you are looking for a solution like me.

Where can you get them?

Surprisingly enough, I found that they could be purchased from a number of places, for example, Dealz, Mr. Price, Penney’s/Primark, Argos and possibly more. Let me know if vacuum bags benefit you as much as me in the comments below. I love hearing if my random acknowledgments to everyday common items feature in your life.

Link:          http://www.argos.ie/static/Product/partNumber/3814200/Trail/searchtext%3ESTORAGE+BAG.htm

2. Orbitkey

I am a lil bit of a neat freak and I regularly encounter OCD. I like to have things ‘right’ (in my eyes). I have avoided using the term ‘perfectionist’ as realistically, nothing is perfect. So, if keys/keyrings are not ‘right’ – it falls onto my list of pet peeves. They all have to be falling at the same length, the color has to match other items I use, so on and so forth.

Call me weird, that’s grand – I already know! 😛

So when I established the ORBITKEY. I couldn’t take my eyes off their Insta page. I became a proud owner this month. There are different types, colors etc. but I went with the rubber grey one. You still don’t know what I’m on about? I don’t blame you – especially after the messages I received on my insta after I posted a photo of it a few weeks ago. Right, so id like to call it a key organizer. It tidies away your keys neatly with no hanging or clinking key sounds.

Link:        https://www.orbitkey.com/

3. Makeup Gallery

Do you ever look at something a lot and not actually look at it? Well, this was happening to me whenever I was in the shop Dealz, at the make-up stand. I suppose people, in general, create an opinion that the cheaper the make-up the worse it is or that it has to be bad for your skin. Like as if theres supposed to be a catch. Ok, so I don’t have an ‘expensive’ make-up purse. Never have, probably never will. I have never invested in all those ‘expensive’ products like MAC for example. I have owned maybe the odd few MAC cosmetics down through the years but when that’s gone, it’s gone and I don’t exactly rush to the nearest MAC counter to update my supplies. Its too damn expensive and I’m damned if I am going to spend €50 on a foundation or such. I cannot justify that. I would rather spend my money on something (to me), more valuable. Yes, I do wear makeup but makeup that is slightly on the cheaper side. Some product brands you would find in my makeup purse are as follows:

  • Rimmel
  • Makeup Forever
  • Sleek (love this, best value for money)
  • Maybelline
  • Elf
  • Essence

As you may or may not already know that, the majority of the items in the store Dealz, cost around €1.50. One day, I decided to purchase a few makeup items from Dealz, the brand is the Makeup Gallery. I started off with Mascara, liquid eyeliner & bronzer. A totally of €4.50

I haven’t used the bronzer enough to totally rule it out, but first impressions weren’t a 10/10, I would say 5/10. Mascara and liquid eyeliner, brilliant !! Love them. A few weeks later, I was low on my Rimmel foundation, so I purchased the Makeup gallery foundation for €1.50. Ok, so I didn’t find it great. I would maybe use it as BB cream. I found the consistency to be very watery. Splatters of it were found on my clothes, but knowing this now, it’s just a matter of being more careful. when applying. However, this didn’t happen to me before with other foundations. Then, as the day went on, a simple rub off my face, would make a difference. Even if the foundation was topped with powder.

So as I said, this reminds me more of a BB cream. For €1.50 it’s not bad at all. IF I had paid €10 for that, I would be annoyed.

So that is all I have tested so far. If you would like to see a full blog post on this when I try more Makeup Gallery products, let me know.

So these products have won a slot in my April favorites. I hope I have encouraged you to give it a try.

Warning, I am not a skin expert and do not try anything you think might conflict with your type of skin.

4.  Homemade Granola

I usually just eat porridge or scrambled egg for breakfast but recently I decided I wanted to change it up a bit. I bought a few different types of branded granola in stores liked Dunnes & Aldi. The Aldi one was my fav. I decided to then challenge myself to make the perfect homemade granola. I followed the recipe on Niamh O’ Sullivan’s Blog. Love her !!!

Cinnamon Soul – Blogger

If you would like to see a full blog post on what I used & how I did it –  comment below 😊

5. Zara – Eau De Toilette

I picked this up in Zara recently & I’m obsessed with the smell. It smells so fresh & for eau de toilette, it lasts quite long. This was under €10 & for me, it’s a bargain. I’m not lucky enough to own or I can never justify buying a perfume that costs €100+, even though it probably would be a good investment.

Link:     https://m.zara.com/es/en/zara-lily-pad-edt-100-ml-p20048932.html?v1=5304112&v2=598503

So, that’s it for April. Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to comment below on any similar interests.

Ciao – for now.

Mia x

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