#FiveFavs – October

I am starting a blogging series, called #Fivefavs.

These blogs will contain my top 5 favorite items for each month, that can be related to anything, which doesn’t necessarily have to be new or current, just things I’m liking that month.

If you would like to see these blog posts in video format – let me know, I can certainly arrange that 🙂


In no particular order – First up this month is:


#1 – Cleanse off Mitt

When this first hit the shops & our newsfeeds, I heard mixed reviews, so I wasn’t in a hurry to purchase this. Like most things, Primark brings out very similar items, moments after. So I purchased the lookalike from Penneys/Primark & I became a fan of yet another version for cleansing your face.

‘Aren’t these mitts fancy versions of face cloths’, I hear you say?

Hmm well, I’m no expert in neither but from my own experience, it seems to be softer on the skin & somehow it obtains makeup from your face, almost like a magnet! Similar to face wipes, but as a result, the mitt leaves your face feeling instantly refreshed & this method of cleansing is apparently much better for your skin than facial wipes.


Ok, so when did I purchase the original Cleanse Off Mitt? I didn’t.

I got it in a goodie bag, at a blogging event I attended.

Side note – it wasn’t exactly ‘free’I pay for all of the blogging conferences/events that I attend, out of my hard earned cash! 🙂

When I opened the goodie bag, to my surprise – there was the mitt. I decided to give it a go & this is why I’m talking about it now. I love it, there’s nothing nicer than coming home from work after a long day and taking off your makeup or cleansing your face the good old fashioned way, with success.

Oh and this was made by ‘The Skin Nerd’ – Jennifer Rock, if you don’t already follow her on social media, I recommend you do – she is a mindful of information, re your skin 🙂

#2 – Nashville

Nashville is an American musical drama television series.

It’s hard to talk about my love for this show, without spoiling it. I was hooked on this until I reached the end of the series for me recently. When I thought things couldn’t get more interesting, they did.  If you are not into American Country Songs, this show probably isn’t for you.

If you have read my  Top 10 Movies blog then you can probably see the link regarding the genre!

#3 – Thai Green Curry

If you know me, then you know how fussy I am when it comes to food!

Whoever has been in a restaurant with me, knows how awkward it gets when I am ordering food and you know how bad it is when I don’t get what I ordered.

I don’t mean to be a pain, I am just really particular when it comes to food (mainly). In saying that, I am much better now than I was years ago. I used to never really make my own, half decent/healthy dinners but since I have, I find that I’m less fussy.

Also, a few years ago – when I was in France for a sailing competition, each country (22 countries) had to make  a traditional dish from their own country and when I heard this – I nearly died! Needless to say, I made my way to the States food stand quite regularly for the mini burgers, however – given the energy that was required for the following day, I forced myself to eat more food from other countries. Actually, that was the first time I tried couscous! (no comment)

Anyway, this brings me to my Thai Green Curry. Never did I ever think I would see the day when I would make this let alone eat this. This was my first time making/trying Thai Green Curry and I have been missing out !!

(I know and I am aware, I am missing out on a lot being a plain Jane)

# MeticulousMia 

#4 – River Island Hand Bag

Bags, I would own endless bags if I could.

I still have to invest in a designer handbag. I just have not yet found the kind of cash that would justify paying over €100 on a bag. Don’t get me wrong, if I could I still would.

Living in the capital, where rent, bills & the cost of living is outrageousness expensive, it’s hard to justify big costs. Some people save up for items like this, but any of my savings goes on the likes of a camera, blogging/vlogging equipment, tech accessories, clothes and so on. I would happily pay a large amount of cash 0n a camera because this is useful for creating content & memories but I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on a bag (just yet) 😉


#5 – Ikea Candles

I could just stop before the word ‘candles’ here and talk Ikea all day long!

Again, if you know me or even slightly know me – you will already know about my love and obsession for IKEA. If Ikea was a man, I would hunt him down and make him my husband! Ok – enough!!

I have had a strong interest in Interior Design from a young age. I remember I used to make houses and separate rooms out of cardboard boxes. The joy of receiving many Sylvanian houses from Santa didn’t last long because I wouldn’t be able to dismantle all of the interiors or knock the walls down!

It was only a few years ago, I let my Sylvanian houses go to the charity shop, boy is that new owner lucky! Needless to say, my cardboard boxes didn’t survive to make it to a new home.

I fall asleep thinking about how rooms I have been in, could have a different layout. So when I go to the IKEA store in Dublin, it’s like being on the best date ever. (PS: Future husband if you are reading – here’s a hint to my heart)


Anyway, this month I have been loving IKEA’s range of scented candles. Aint nobody got the money to spend more than €5 on a scented candle right?

Oh & also, did you know that IKEA is launching their ONLINE shop in November? (Hellllllllllllp)

I will try & not have an IKEA item in my #FiveFavs every month, I will try very hard – because I know some of the home stuff that I drool over, would not have the same impact on others.

If you follow my Instagram page @mias_ways then you will have probably seen some of the items above, through the last month.

Thank you guys for reading and keep your eyes peeled for #FiveFavs – November

Mia x

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