6 Tech Gadgets I couldn’t live without!

The inspiration for this post came from 2 of my tech gadgets giving up on me at the same time & in turn they needed to be sent away for replacement. I could go on & on about how annoyed I was but anyway, I guess one good thing that came out of it was the idea for this blog post –  All the techie gadgets that I use daily & would struggle without.


First up which is obvious, my phone. I have the iPhone 7+ (128 GB). At this day in age, the majority of us would be lost without our phones, they have really become a body part now! I use my phone for everything & the high storage allows me to download all the apps I want, snap endlessly, catch up on social media as well as jot a few notes on the go.


Next is my iPad – I have the iPad 4 & I mainly use this for catching up on my YouTube subscriptions & Tv Series. I don’t really use it for anything else other than light browsing. I suppose going from spending my days sitting at a desk tapping on a keyboard, I find it hard to adjust to the iPad keyboard to do anything productive. Which is why I depend on my personal laptop so much.


This brings me to my laptop. I really can’t go far without this & it would be an odd day if it passed without me on my laptop for some spell. I send a lot of emails, work on my website, write blog posts, edit videos & so on. I had a MacBook Pro but that sadly & understandably saw its last legs towards the end of college & even though I’m a big fan of Mac OS, I also like windows. Given the price difference, for now, I’m using a Lenovo IdeaPad 320. It’s perfect, so slim, great battery life, good spec & more.


Last year I became a proud owner of yet another Apple product. If you have read my post on #FiveFavs – November you’ll know all about this. 5 months on & I think there was only 1 day I forgot to wear it, which made me realise how much I depend on it. If you don’t know what an Apple Watch is – it’s similar to a Fitbit, the fitness tracker device. The Apple Watch also displays notifications linked to the iPhone & so on.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are a million Bluetooth speakers on the market but JBL has always stood near the top. Small, compact and capable for my required needs are my reasons for this choice. I don’t exactly host house parties, but in my spare time, I like to listen to my favorite tunes with a bit more quality than the sound quality on my phone, laptop or iPad. I also, use this for catching up on YouTube videos, while running around doing the necessary day-to-day jobs i.e. washing, folding, cleaning. A phone would do just fine, until you experience the quality of this and you immediately have to have it.


Lastly & by no means least – Ma GoPro. I have the latest, Hero 6, well currently not right now as it’s been shipped off for replacement (which I’m very disappointed about) aside from that blip – It’s amazing, for what I want. I record short videos with it, it’s tiny, waterproof & has a sleek design.

Here’s the first video I made using it a few months back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFIWadUvGOY

So that’s it, short & sweet. Hope you enjoyed!

Ciao for now!

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