About Me


Hello, my dear readers!

After around 6 years of following my favorite bloggers, I eventually decided to bite the bullet & start my own blog. Here you will find me sharing anything fashion, beauty, lifestyle & tech related along with anything else I feel passionate about.

Before leaving the age of a quarter of a century in July ’17, I grew up in a small town called Skibbereen in West Cork – along with my gorgeous older sis, my wonderful, inspiring mom & dad, lots of friends & without a doubt many fantastic unforgettable memories.

After a long 4 years of studying IT Management in Cork City – I joined the ‘scary’ working world. After around 2 years, trying to figure out where was next on the map for me, I decided to start with Dublin. I am always looking for a new adventure & if you would like to follow the “Mia’s Ways” journey, you don’t have to be in Dublin – you can find me here & of course, all of my other social media platforms!

Looking forward to getting to know my followers!

– Mia x

Newspaper: http://www.southernstar.ie/news/business/articles/2017/04/15/4138039-mias-building-an-online-blog/