How I get through the Week


I sat here for a while trying to decide on the title I wanted to give this blog post. I didn’t want the heading to instantly portray a negative vibe, as this is all about positivity, so I eventually came up with:

“How I get through the Week”

While reading this, you may have read the title & decided to carry on reading – Which might mean, you’re in a similar situation to me and I’m sure much more. At certain points of our lives, we all reach a level of confusion, uncertainty, instability etc. and it affects some of us more than others. From talking to many people and from my own experience – collectively, here are some questions that you might too be asking yourself:

  • Are you friends with people who bring you down?
  • Are you in a relationship that you truly know isn’t right for you?
  • Are you just feeling stuck?
  • Are you confused about your career choice?
  • Are you generally down in yourself but not even sure why?
  • Are you wondering if you should be exploring different countries?

If you have asked yourselves at least one of these questions recently, I’m sure we can all say that “I feel your pain” – at some stage of our lives.

In the recent years, it sure didn’t take me long to figure out that life, is not plain sailing, unfortunately. Life is all about how you ride those waves & control those gusts, because it’s very seldom that there’s a steady breeze or no waves in that massive ocean around us.

It is a given that there are many things in life that will challenge us. We are all different and we handle particular situations differently.

Throughout my life I have found myself being faced with challenges and I needed courage, dedication & support to get myself out of a situation I no longer wanted to be in.

If you are determined enough to get out of a bad situation, you will do it eventually (believe me!!). It might take a month, a year or even longer but trust yourself to know that you deserve to find that road which leads you to a better, fulfilling and energetic path. If you’re struggling to even begin, with those tasks that you think will help, I suggest you start with writing down what IS important to you and once you have honestly established this – seriously check if what’s important to you is being ignored or belittled.

For example, ‘respect’. This is one of my biggest values, it is hugely important to me that the people I am surrounded by, treat me with respect – when this value of mine is being ignored, I strongly reconsider the situation.

While things may seem pretty settled for me at a distance, they are not and I too have to push myself to get to the end of that week. That push was a lot more difficult until I decided it was time to get my act together, to figure out ways to make life easier and more enjoyable for myself. Consequently, it does not seem like too-much of a push anymore. I would now say; it is something similar to a little dance, hop, skip & a jump 🙂

If you are eager to help yourself enough, in order to get out of that ‘rut’ and start to enjoy your life more, I encourage you to take the baby steps that I have taken (in no order of preference).

  1. EXERCISE – This is key. Get your ass out there! No excuses – sorry!
  2. HEALTHY EATING – You are what you eat and if you eat pizza 7 days a week, do you feel like one? I know I did at one stage.
  3. PASSION – Find a passion of yours, do it and feel good about doing it. For example, singing – if you like to sing, join a choir/singing group.
  4. REWARD – When you reach a goal or overcome a challenge – it is crucial that you reward yourself. For example, if you went for an interview, started a new job, went for a walk, stepped outside your comfort zone – reward yourself. No matter how big or small the achievement is, reward yourself. A reward can be as simple as a pamper evening or a cheeky take-out.
  5. “FRIENDS” – Surround yourself with the people who genuinely have your best interests at heart, whether it is in-person, on the phone, facetime/skype – again, at this day in age – there are no excuses. Distance/Remove yourself from a friendship that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Down through the years of my life, I figured that when it comes to friendships – it is all about ‘quality rather than quantity’.
  6. ALCOHOL! This is a depressant – Stay away from this if you are already in a low place. If you suffer from a hangover, please try and not drink while you are already going through a difficult time, you are adding to your stress levels and it is just not worth it!
  7. ME TIME!! This is by far my favourite. Quite similar to “Reward Yourself” (mentioned above) however ‘Me Time’ is essential whether you do something challenging or not. No matter what your job or daily activities entail – most of us are dealing with at least one or more people, regularly. When this comes to an end, allow yourself to have that space on your own.
  8. ORGANISATION – Make a plan for the following week. I don’t know about you but ‘To do Lists’ are a must have in my life. Also, keep a calendar, a written one or one that can be created online. For example, Google calendar is my no.1. Using this gets tasks clear in my head for upcoming plans and allows me to be prepared and excited for the near future.
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA – Bloggers and users of social media etc. today are portraying such a lovely rosy life and everything seems to be perfect. Things are never perfect and don’t get caught up in thinking that they are. We are trapped in our phones today, looking at all the different social media platforms, from one to the other – Facebook, to Instagram to Snapchat to Twitter to YouTube and all of these platforms are adding new features every day, like, live videos, stories, filters – to name but a few. Social Media is growing hugely and I cannot see it stopping anytime soon. The picture that is being painted is only getting prettier. No one is going to post a photo of them balling their eyes out after their breakup or having lost their job or simply just having a rough time – Are they? If so – can I get to know you, please? J We are all human, everyone has those crap days whether they fill you in or not. Do not get sucked into the fake world and don’t let it suck the life out of you. Think outside of the box instead of only inside that small dark space.
  10. MEDITATION – Some form of meditation, whether it is in a gym or in a wellness centre. If that is not an option – there are apps available to download which can guide the user through the yoga positions, so again NO EXCUSES. If you are looking for an exercise mat, Lidl/Aldi, supply them now and again, along with the other equipment, for example, the block or strap. Or simply take some time out of your day to stop up, plant your two feet on the floor, sit in an upright position, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing for as little as 5 minutes.

Entering the big bad working world along with the added new “That’s Life” challenges – has been tough for me.

Now that I am coming towards the end of this blog post – I imagine that there are some people who started reading this and decided to click onto something else. This to me means that they have not reached this point of their lives yet or they may have and successfully worked out what helps them to move forward and overcome those challenges. You – my little friend, are still reading and firstly, I would like to thank you and secondly, I really and truly hope that this has brought some inspiration and ideas to your life. I am not going to lie, I found it challenging sharing all the above and I could have chosen not to, however – I am grateful, to have this opportunity and I would be thrilled to see results from this.
Most of what I have just shared might be stating the obvious, but do you actually do it? Hmm..didn’t think so. PUSH yourself, when the time is right.

“We live for the weekends” – I hear people say quite often but I want to hear less of this going forward by using some of my tips and riding those waves to the best of your ability.

Please comment below if this helped you or if you would like to share some of your own stories or tips on how you get yourself through the week 🙂 x

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