#FiveFavs – November

#1 – Scones

As I mentioned in my previous ##FiveFavs – October  I am a lil newbie when it comes to cooking and baking. Over the past few years, I discovered this new passion of mine.

Unfortunately, I decided to study Biology rather than Home Economics in Secondary school & maybe Home Ec would have been the better choice seems as Biology has not benefited me to date, but hey – how are we supposed to know at that age, right?

I tend to bake more savoury than sweet, treats.

I love scones, with jam & fresh cream – with a cup of tea of course.

I baked a few batches of these scones, brought them into work and they went down a treat




#2 – Bodysuits

As we enter this chilly weather and go from wearing scarfs, hats & gloves during the day to bare legs, sleeveless tops at night, it is good to have a cosier alternative option, like jeans and a dressy top.

I am known to freeze for fashion and you will rarely see me out on a night out with a big wintery coat. I find bringing a big jacket is too much responsibility, it’s big and annoying and I usually get a taxi right to where I am going. Then from pub to pub, there are rickshaws available or the pub is a short distance where sprinting from one pub to the other is also an option.

I purchase a lot of my ‘going out’ clothes online, which means that most of my clothes are dresses as they are the easiest clothing items to buy online (well for me anyway). I rarely return dresses. Whereas pants just don’t get me started. Jean/pants – have been the most stressful item of clothing for me growing up. The reason for this is because of my legs, my long legs (I know why am I complaining) but when you are me and shopping for jeans, it’s very hard to find a pair that fits on the waist and leg length. It just never happens. I have either had to go around with freezing ankles or wearing the same ole boots that are long enough to cover the gap (well just about).

Girls, with long legs – I’m sure you will 100% get me.

Anyway, this is one of the bodysuits that I purchased a few weeks back in Zara My Instagram

This cost €49.95 and can be bought online here: Zara




#3 – Apple Watch

Hmm, the Apple Watch. Again – for those who know me, know that I am an Apple snob!

I was one of the first out of all my friends & even family to have the first ever iPhone. I remember loving all the technology that came with it as opposed to the blockia’s. Since then, many many years ago –  I very quickly became a lover of the Apple gadgets. I remember saving up for a whole summer to buy the latest iPad (which I got engraved on the back and needless to say, my friends teased me over).

Anyway as time went on, times in my life changed, I was in school, attended college and I am not working for the past 3 years.

Trying to be a fully functioning adult can be a challenge and amongst that challenge are responsibilities, bills and more – which meant, I couldn’t splash the cash on gadgets the way I used to with very little expenses. When the Apple Watch first came out, I remember being in my first job and I was breaking even with all my bills and with the cost of living and I, unfortunately, had to let my love for Apples latest product, slip through the cracks.

Boy, that was difficult. A colleague at work, got his delivered to the office & he let me witness him unboxing it. That was how close I got to the Apple Watch that time. Year’s later, I still felt the pain and luckily the prices were not as high as they once were after being released.

I just finished 7 months of intense study & successfully graduated as an Executive & Life Coach, it was time to reward myself.

Side Note: Rewarding yourself, by doing something or getting yourself something whether it is big or small, is so important after overcoming a challenge/doing something out of your comfort zone/reaching a milestone.

So, I have been wearing my Apple Watch for most of November and I love it. I feel like I am back to myself again! (keeping up with Apple gadgets) However, I can’t see myself purchasing the iPhone X in the near future, the prices are just going OTT. (Sorry Apple)
Link to my Apple Watch




#4 – Leather Jacket

For the winter season, leather jackets are the number one fashion staple in my wardrobe and what I love even more is this colour. Oxblood, maroon, wine, dark red – (I think you get me!)

Even though this jacket doesn’t look like your big cosy, fluffy, heated jacket – it’s not meant to. I like this jacket for the warmer days and casual evenings or going for dinner. This photo doesn’t even do it justice, it is even nicer looking than this is real life.

Where can you get this? – Sassy Dresses




#5 – Earrings

So many of you have been admiring my earrings lately. I am wearing a lot of drop-down earings, during the day and on nights out. They vary from style and colour and I am in love with them. These earrings nearly go on me before my clothes do!!

I love dropdown earrings, especially this time of year, when you are all wrapped up for the wintery weather and you don’t feel very elegant or girly, these earrings are my answer for that. Because there are so many different colours and styles, I have enough that will match most outfits, which is great because it gives the outfit that bit more class.

When I am asked about these earrings, I am so excited to tell the person about them because they are made locally in West Cork.

I have sent friends from Kinsale, Cork, Skibb and surrounding areas into the shop where they are sold in – ‘Higilty Pigilty’ on Main Street Skibbereen. These can also be purchased from me – Just email info@miasways.com for more.

Carolann Crowley, the girl who handmakes these earrings will be selling these online soon.



Hope you liked my second #FiveFavs and I’m sure December’s one will be just as interesting if not more.

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on all of my social media sites for more fashion, beauty & lifestyle tips in between.


Wrap up!

Mia x


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