My Daily Skincare Routine

Hey guys, so I decided to share my skincare routine with you, as I know this is a hot topic for females. I’m also so interested to see what everyone else uses on their skin in order to keep it healthy and radiant. However, it really really varies from person to person. The price differs too, however – I really disagree with the very expensive skincare products unless that’s all that works on the skin.

If I had all the money in the world, yes maybe I would splash out a little bit more on expensive products, although – what I use to this day, seems to work fine for me. One of the products that I would like to be able to purchase regularly are the Yonka products. The only reason I know a bit about Yonka is from my sister, Katie. She is a Beauty Therapist and has learned a lot about Yonka, this is the main brand she has been working with.

Let me know if you want me to do a separate blog post on the Yonka Products (with the help of my sis, of course!)


Night-Time routine

On weekdays, I usually wear a bit of makeup (foundation/BB cream mascara & brow pencil) so, I use face wipes to take all that off (I know, guilty!). I am aware that face wipes are really not good for your skin, but thankfully it doesn’t seem to impact my own skin (as far as I know). To be honest, I use any brand that is on offer in the pharmacy/ supermarket or even Penneys/Primark, however, these are my favourite: ‘Johnsons Face Care Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes’.


After a quick wipe, I then go in with my micellar cleanser. I sprinkle this water like substance on a cotton disc that I usually get from Penney’s/Primark too. I have tried a few different micellar facial cleansers. The Garnier and Nivea ones are my favs.


To finish up, I usually let my skin breathe for a few minutes and I then go in with my facial moisturiser and lip butter.

Again, I have tried endless amounts of different types of moisturisers and recently I have started using a night cream at night as opposed to a regular moisturiser, for example, the ‘Nivea Pure & Natural’


Morning Routine

I am not a morning person, so I usually have a shower in the morning to wake myself up. Along with this, I use a facial scrub from ‘Simple’. I use this with lukewarm water on its own or the cleanse off mitt. I talk about this mitt some more in my #FiveFavs – October if you would like some more info on this.


Finally, to prep my skin for the day – I use the ‘Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream’ and a lil ‘Nivea lip butter’ if required.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post guys and comment below if you have any questions

Mia x

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