What I wore to my first friends wedding


The time finally arrived, where I attended my first friend’s wedding. Over the past number of years, I was a guest at weddings of cousins and family friends.

I am not usually the emotional type, however – I really surprised myself when I saw my friend walk up the aisle. I had to pinch myself, to control the tears of joy. My friend and I, go way back – we cherish so many unforgettable memories that I cannot even begin to share. As we grow older, life changes, different paths are taken and the hardest part along this journey is the distance between 2 people that were once by each other’s side for so long.

However, I love the fact that – even though the days today are not the same as they were when we were younger, those days were so memorable, that it only takes a few seconds to be back in that true friendship connection again.



I know all of you have been asking about my outfit,  so I decided to share my fashion finds with you in more detail.

My dress is a Missguided dress, however – I purchased it off Asos online. Remember to shop around, before clicking on the buy button – as you may even find a bargain somewhere else. Asos sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

Asos is responsible for me discovering my love for ‘online shopping’, those many moons ago.


I usually don’t buy shoes online because my shoe size seems to vary a lot, especially for different types of shoes. For some reason, I wanted to keep every item – the same colour. In the past, I have usually changed the colors up a bit i.e different shoe colour to the dress or match the bag and the dress color’s.


I purchased the shoes from Boohoo



I also got my bag from Boohoo (Link below)


Catwalk HQ very kindly sent me their tan to try out and I must say – I was impressed with the colour of it after it developed, it was long-lasting, no ‘tan smell’ and gave a great natural ‘non-orange glow’ 🙂

I am not good with getting my nails done professionally, as I do a lot of sailing – so I opted for these false nails by Kiss – They looked so real/as if I got them done professionally.



As for accessories, hair and makeup – I have included the links below for you.



I stayed in a guesthouse, just a 5 minute walk from the reception of the wedding. I was really impressed with the service and how nice the room was. We stayed in the deluxe, balcony room with a little relaxation tv area, including ensuite. Breakfast was served the next morning and we could barely get our eyes around the amazing spread.

I have stayed in a few places in Clon and I would highly recommend this place.


Hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired by some of the things I have shared. Let me know if you have any questions

Mia x


~ Links ~

Dress: https://goo.gl/unK71w

Shoes: https://goo.gl/fHg1aJ

Clutch: https://goo.gl/ZiythU

Fascinator/Head Piece: https://goo.gl/jiRjag

Tan: https://goo.gl/byp6ii

Earrings: https://goo.gl/gc1EDU

Nails: https://goo.gl/Eaaqhr

Where I stayed: https://goo.gl/poRds1

Wedding Reception: https://goo.gl/nAsf1w

Hair: Mary Deasy’s Hair Salon – Skibbereen

MakeUp – Me




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